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Studio wall art

Studio Art 1 is a studio based set of wall art images. These were created at my home studio with very little equipment but a good deal of time and effort from not only me but also the models who all volunteered to be in my pictures. For this project I wanted to play with geometry and develop my understanding of lighting. I loved the idea of shooting a set of low key and high key images in the same style. This work was finally completed (for the moment) after approximately 3 years of studio practice, learning to control and understand light. There are four styles here.

The series involves various styles of lighting not only shaping and quality of light, but also overall global lighting style.The sets demonstrate a range of lighting from high key to low key. But also different qualities of light.
For many of these images a good deal of precision and preparation was involved not only with the lighting which was often critical in placement to a few centimetres but also the positioning and posing of the models which of course is an art in it’s own right. I hope you enjoy them and I hope to see them on many walls in the future.