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Black Diamonds

Diamond hunting in Dorset

Black Diamonds is an unapologetically stark and gritty editorial set shot in an old quarry on the south coast of Dorset. The idea for this series came to me after visiting the location whilst walking the coastline with Liz. The rocks are massive and many still had blast holes in them. Some even had drill channels from where the charges had been placed into the rocks. The idea of a diamond crazed woman blasting rocks for diamonds was born. Several models had asked to shoot with me during the following weeks but when I was asked by Zara I knew immediately that she would be perfect for the role.

The styling was put together by myself and Liz over a couple of days. It was good fun putting the story together and drawing up the story board. Many thanks to Tara Steel for the excellent hair styling and makeup. Special thanks to Nick who often models for me but in this case for assisting as well as throwing rocks and dust, and of course Liz because without her help none of this would be possible. Zara came to visit for a few hours the day before the shoot for styling and fitting and the editorial was shot the following day on location.


Behind the scenes